What moms can teach pastors, Part 1

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Tools of a Pastor-Mom

My favorite project I ever did in school was for my Prayer and Pastoral Care class I took in Seminary. The project I chose was to interview moms to see what the love of a mother could teach pastors in how to better love their congregations. I’ve changed names to keep the women and their families anonymous, but the depth of their responses is remarkable.

Here is my first interview:

Me: Do you have a prayer routine? (When and how do you pray? When and how do you pray for your kids specifically?)

Mom #1: At the beginning of the day is when I pray. I try to first recognize God for who he is, ask for forgiveness, then pray for my family. I’ve prayed for them every day of my life. Lately I’ve prayed extra prayers for my daughter.

Me:  Is there something unique about your relationship as a…

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