Contributing Authors

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Tim White

Tim is the Lead/Senior Pastor and lead preaching pastor at Washington Cathedral. He has several publications to his credit, including Ulysses Dream,  Astoundingly Joyful – Amazingly Simple, and To Dreamers Long Forgotten. Tim is also adjunct faculty at Northwest University, teaching biblical exegesis and preaching.

Becca McCary

Becca is a children’s pastor and part of the preaching team at Washington Cathedral. She writes on motherhood, spirituality, and biblical interpretation. She also has her own personal blog with resources for mothers and Sunday School teachers.

Rey Diaz

Rey is currently Executive Director at Orphan Outreach. He also serves as Global Outreach Pastor at Washington Cathedral. Formerly, working on a project in Honduras aimed at helping families living in the Tegucigalpa city dump.

Fiona Monaghan

Fiona works on staff at Washington Cathedral and is a long time member. She is a very talented writer and we are extremely blessed to have her contribute to our blog.

Linda Skinner

Linda became a member of Washington Cathedral in 1985 and left her career in business to become part of the ministry team in 1989. She is part of the preaching team. She leads women’s ministries and generally keeps things running at Washington Cathedral.

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Stories From the Pews

Stories from the Pews is a series of stories or reflections from members of Washington Cathedral. We believe that everyone has a voice so we try to make this a forum where people cans say something. If you think you might like to submit a post for Stories From the Pews, feel free to email us!


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